open data everywhere

Reading through my tweets this afternoon during a break from re-reading Karin D. Knorr-Cetina‘s “The Manufacture of Knowledge”, to aid in conceptualizing some processes in science for the first draft of my first chapter of my dissertation (a nice read about the sociology of science), AND saw this tweet from “Submitted to Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology” eIFL and SPARC, two organizations working to advocate change in different research processes, released a statement that supports the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Educations, Science and Technology proposal to create “a national open data and open publication infrastructure and mandatory deposition of publicly funded data and publications”. What great news!

Open data is popping up everywhere:). What is so interesting about open data? Check out this video from the Web Wide Web Foundation about open data. Check out these (this is not an exhaustive list, just some samples collected from tweet links from my colleagues at the VU Amsterdam – Frank van Harmelen:!/FrankVanHarmele, Paul Groth:!/pgroth; to give you an idea about what is happening in regards to open data):

Open Knowledge Foundation’s European-level data registry-  and some technical info about it.

UKs open data on government spending –

Europeana making meta data available –

The NYTimes also has linked open data –

India’s also going “open”.

Might also want to check out – What’s data linking? – checkout a short intro here.


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