Altmetrics, oh yeah social media…

I have been laying low on social media, working this past year to position myself in the field of HE through reading, networking and experimenting with “my ways” of producing knowledge tidbits. But last week I got a friendly little reminder to get back online in a formal way; and that was that I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 2:AM Conference and Altmetrics Workshop (see my post on the conference). The last dark years of the PhD:) = writing with blinders on to finish, have not allowed me to engage with this community as much as I would have liked; but regardless I remain to be inspired. I was able able to reflect upon this attraction following the conference to identify how and why altmetrics keeps the blood flowing in the academic chamber of my heart, at least.

Altmetrics touches on a number of my professional and personal interests. Of course the discussions of new/emerging scholar outputs is likely exciting for any academic. The call for open access is everywhere, the actual practices that we under take to do research – including reading, collecting data, analysis, but also networking, sharing info, just stimulating your brain! are intimate to our lives as researchers and they are changing where they are increasingly online or supported through online tools, cloud services, platforms. But the topic of altmetrics encompasses more specific interests of mine: a) networking in general (e.g. how can we use our networks to yield different kinds of capital, how do those network influence our access, etc..), b) science and technology in general (e.g. changing practices of knowledge production and dissemination), and c) innovation (e.g. what do we need to come to new ideas, how do we innovate). In addition, as a self-confessed data-addict – who gets giddy with the idea of any big(ger) data on social actors (individuals and institutions alike) altmetrics could just really be a girls dream date – data being generated with every click… so long story short, I am back online sharing with whomever wants to listen and be part of a growing conversation on networking for innovation, or networking for knowledge, or just networking… we will figure it out along the way.


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